Southwest Horizon School Division Collective Agreement

3.1 Each party may notify the other party in writing of its intention to enter into collective bargaining for a new agreement, 60 to 180 days before the end of this agreement. This notice contains the intent of any requested changes. The party receiving a notice submits its proposals in writing to the other party six calendar days before the first meeting. Locker Rental Agreement, Student Grade 7-12 Keywords: cowardly, high school A look at what is included in the cumulative surplus of the school division, as reported according to the standards of the government`s accounting report. Accountability Pillar Summary, October 2016 This is a summary of Palliser`s results updated in October 2016 with Provincial Achievement Test (PAT) and 2015-2016 end-of-study exam results. Palliser Electoral Department Map known as Ward 1, Subdivision 1, Lethbridge County around Lethbridge and Coaldale This agreement is concluded in double sequence on this day of A.D. 2014 in accordance with the Schools Act, Chapter/Regulation: S-3 RSA 2000 and the Labour Relations Act, Chapter/Regulation: L-1 RSA 2000. 14.3 The employer presents rules and guidelines for teachers to the elected representatives of its teaching staff during the school operating period. Teachers have at least four weeks or a mutually agreed deadline to respond to these proposals in the way they wish. Map of the riding of Palliser Regional Schools, known as Ward 1, sub-district 2, the city of Coaldale 9.1.2 For one day plus one day of travel, if necessary, per school year, to visit the 2015 staff manual: this staff manual was developed as a guide for all employees of pallis Regional Schools. In the case of a collective agreement (ATA collective agreement or CUPE collective agreement), the terms negotiated in the collective agreement are replaced for workers covered by the collective agreement. Keywords: conditions of employment, leave, leave, medical leave, maternity, paternity leave, adoption, benefits, health insurance, Code of Conduct This collective agreement enters into force on September 1, 2012, unless otherwise stated, and remains in effect until August 31, 2016, unless negotiations between the parties for an extension, or revision of that contract, have been concluded for a new collective agreement, as provided below and not until the aforementioned termination date.

This collective agreement will remain fully in force until the community meeting: a report on academic success, as shared by palliser interest representatives A report of the stakeholder meeting at Vulcan 9.1.8 Effective September 1, 2014, personal leave for no more than one (1) day in one school year for participation in private clients , under the following conditions: form to be completed when school staff must physically intervene for the safety of a student.