Apple User Agreement

Apple`s “Limitation of Responsibility” clause lists all means, including personal and commercial damage, as consequences that are not covered by the app developer who uses the default agreement instead of a custom agreement. Your mobile app can give a party the ability to see games, record calls or use software suites, but EULA protects these features from being manipulated by a user for personal gain. You agree that the services, including content, graphics, user interface, audio clips, video clips, editorial content and scripts and software used to implement the services, contain proprietary information and material owned by Apple and/or its licensees and protected by applicable intellectual property and other laws, including copyright. You agree that you will not use this proprietary information or materials in any way, except for the use of the Services for personal and non-commercial purposes in accordance with this Agreement. No part of the services may be reproduced in any way unless this Agreement expressly allows it. You agree not to modify, rent, lend, sell or distribute services or content in any way, and you do not use the services in a non-expressable manner. If you compare The provisions of TapeACall to those of Apple`s standard agreement, the only resemblance is that they are all written in all-caps in the first place! Once you`ve completed your CLU agreement, take the direct route to inform users of this agreement by placing a link in the “Licensing Agreement” field in your App Store profile screen. Mac App Store and App Store products (together “App Store Products”), provided through the Mac App Store Service and the App Store service (together “App Store services”), are allowed for you and not sold. Your license for every App Store product you receive through App Store services is subject to your prior consent to this final license license agreement (“STANDARD EULA”) and you agree that the terms and conditions of this standard EULA apply to any App Store product you license through the App Store service, unless that App Store product is subject to a valid licensing agreement between you and the app provider. Your license for an Apple product under this standard CLA or a separate end-user license agreement is granted by Apple, and your license for a third-party product under this standard CLA or a separate end-user license agreement is granted by the third-party application provider.