Contract Agreement With Travel Agency

1. Tour participation contract: This is the contract you should have with each age from the age of 18. It is also referred to as the “disclaimer,” “Conditions and Conditions” or “Conditions of Use.” It requires participants to accept that your company is not responsible for the actions or omissions of tour operators or events outside your control. It also contains your payment and cancellation terms and many other important publications, publications and others. Here you will find a model of tour operator-non-responsibility clause: Do not use the sample without seeking legal advice to tailor it to your specific needs. The company remains the rightful owner of all securities, rights and interests of the property and any material made available for the conclusion of this agreement. If the terms of this agreement are violated, the responding party has the option of terminating the contract. 2.3.3. Make each tourist available to the insurance policy while they travel abroad/medical services/.

At the end of this agreement, the parties may agree to extend the period by one year from the completion date. 8.3. This contract expires at 24:00 after the end of the day indicated in this contract. The validity of this contract may be terminated by both parties no later than twenty days in advance, after written notification to another party. The parties accept and accept that the aggrieved person may immediately terminate the validity of this contract with the mandatory written notification to another party if one of the parties breaks part of that contract and does not resolve that breach and resolves that breach. Such a measure does not cause the prejudice suffered by the aggrieved party with respect to the party`s right to demand additional and alternative means to protect its rights and does not prevent the party from repaying the right to repay unpaid debts under this contract. At the end of the contract, both parties will be exempt from any subsequent debts at the time of termination of the contract.