Deutsche Boerse Market Data Agreement

Please visit our > data stream page to find out what information the products are distributed on which feed. The German stock exchange concedes three new BSE products that provide the entire chain of complete pre-trade and post-trade data. In order to improve market and customer orientation, MD-S activities are now grouped into four most important service lines. Starting in October 2018, BSE India`s new data product FOURNIT THE capital data in real time, with a full order data level. The Deutsche Berse Group supports high-quality, low-latency and reliable financial markets. We provide our wealthy clients – banks, brokers, trading companies, algo distributors, asset managers, hedge funds, data providers and other market participants – real-time order and price data from our own trading platforms and those of our cooperation partners, as well as real-time analysis and historical market data. Historical market data can be ordered online through our Data Shop. Our real-time information products are distributed via our direct MIE data streams and indirectly through data providers. The data products provide information on all the instruments listed on our own trading platforms Xetra and Eurex, as well as those of our cooperation partners such as the Bulgarian Stock Exchange or the European Energy Exchange. We also provide data for the DAX and STOXX indices. We also compete for data for cooperation partners in Asia, for example.

B BSE India and TAIFEX. Historical market data provides valuable information for business analysis, forecasts and strategies. The most important requirements are data quality and easy access. Our real-time information products are distributed via our direct MIE data streams and indirectly through data providers. Our real-time market information products are transmitted to institutional customers through information providers (data providers) and our direct MIE data streams. The following table is intended to help you determine your next steps. If you have any questions, please contact us. You can find all relevant documents and a price list on our > agreements page.

The new product provides the most granular data for TAIFEX, including TAIEX Futures flagship products and options. MNI launches the new China Auto Purchase Sentiment Survey, which takes a monthly look at the world`s largest automotive market. Deutsche Berse is the first foreign exchange to work with China`s leading financial data provider. On April 1, 2017, market data cooperation between Deutsche Berse and the Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX) was launched. New data product combines Selected Eurex products in the profitable data package for private investors. Deutsche Berse and the Philippine Stock Exchange have announced their intention to establish market data cooperation between the two exchanges. Our real-time information products offer different options in terms of granularity and speed. Please note that you can download historical data from our > Data Shop.

Real-time market data for the European gas trading platform PEGAS are now exclusively granted by Deutsche Berse.