Four Agreements Lesson Plan

So my work started to make agreements with myself and, ultimately, to add so many that it was difficult to keep them all. […] Don`t take things personally (see the 4 chords) […] […] The four agreements ( practice […] The ancient Toltecs called themselves dream masters because they understood that we all live more in a dream than in an “objective reality”. And the good news is that we all have the power to change our dream. We must first become aware of our domestication and then adopt new agreements. Perhaps that is why I am referring to the four agreements. I felt overwhelmed by the seriousness of too many chords, most of which I made to make the people around me happy, because I was such a good girl. Personally, I know what Ruiz says when he writes that one of the greatest lessons I have learned from Don Miguel has been related to power. Through an experience I had with him, I discovered the extraordinary bond he had with intent (spirit, strength). I was very impressed. I didn`t understand very well, but I knew it was great. I immediately started to wonder why he didn`t do that anymore.

Why don`t you do great acts of power all the time? It could have an incredible impact on people to push back the whole dream of their lives. 1. If you are alive without fear, if you like, it makes sense that you feel good. If you`re feeling good, it makes sense that everything is good around you. If everything`s great around you, everything makes you happy. You love everything around you because you love yourself. Because you love who you are. Because you`re happy with yourself. Because you`re happy with your life. You are happy with the film you are producing, happy with your agreements with life. You`re at peace, you`re happy. (Pg 53) Here are the agreements that Don Miguel Ruiz set out in the Four Accords, as well as some reflections on how each one refers to our teaching: “We have many agreements that make us suffer, that make us fail in life.

If you want to lead a life of joy and fullness, you must find the courage to break the agreements that are based on fear and that claim your personal power.