Group Contract Agreements

At the beginning of a collaborative project, students must complete a group contract before each work. A group contract is a shared document that group members write and sign together. It is essentially a mutual agreement reached by all members of the group to define the standards of cooperation throughout the project. It is a living document that can be referred to and used as a much-needed tool to help students hold each other to account. Making these decisions as a group is much more effective than having a mediator who imposes “rules” for all. In addition, citizens are much more likely to respect and implement an agreement to which they have contributed. It`s going to make your job as an intermediary a lot easier. In case of problem or conflict, you can use this agreement (for example.B. We all agreed at the beginning that it was better for one person to speak at the same time…). I will be open to constructive criticism from other members of the group. Establishing a group contract begins with a discussion among group members about each other`s strengths and weaknesses, regardless of the project or task they are working on. When students do some kind of art project, it`s beneficial for everyone to know if someone likes to make art.

If there is a video component, it is an opportunity for a student with knowledge of the video to inform everyone else. If the project involves public speech and a student has a mortal fear of public discourse, they would share it with members of his group during this part of the process. Here too, the teacher should listen mainly during this part, as groups sometimes only need space to ventilate it. It is easy to want to intervene and try to solve the problem, but conflict resolution is so much more successful when students lead the way. Teachers should be conflict mediators to ensure that language and sound are not disrespectful, and the conversation goes in a positive direction. The contract is not only a little minutia at the beginning of a project. This is the basis of accountability to ensure the success of this project. That`s why I get my students to sign their names. They sign an alliance for cooperation and the best possible results. Finally, you must seek agreement on all points of the whole group. If I am sick or absent for any reason, I will register with the band. After collecting answers, inform students that the group contract is intended to avoid these problems.

Once students have a manual on how team agreements are established, they can discuss what should be included. If you have your group agreement, make sure it`s displayed for everyone – ideally, have it written on a whiteboard, paperboard or overhead projector. Students are no longer frustrated because one member of the group plays video games while everyone else is working. They now respectfully ask them to stop because they are violating the agreed standards that were established at the beginning of the project. Students then discuss what they expect from each other throughout the group project. For the first time, a teacher can model or guide this discussion and talk about the type of agreements to be included in the contract. It may contain elements such as: responsibility can be separated from class culture, and if it does, the need for it becomes less and less. When students learn that they are not contributing to a group`s efforts, they adapt and work better in their teams. Of course, it takes hard work and experience to build this culture, but the benefits are worth it. Students then have a plan that often accepts a fresh start, and the group can get back to work. Most of the time, and I want to talk about the highest time, this conflict resolution is a success.

It is enough to draw the attention of most students to the fact that their actions concern everyone else, and they will do everything in their power to remedy them.