Ice Training Agreement Transfer

Click on one of the training format options below to book your training. Select “classroom” to display a place for a planned ICE course and training location, select “online” for online learning, or select “in-house” to learn about training tailored to your organization. This affordable one-day training course was designed to help trainees understand the requirements of their training contract and manage their own progress effectively and confidently. ICE may share your data with the Engineering Council, the universities in which you are studying and your employer if you participate in an ICE training program, or TTL may share your data (or data from other data you have provided to us) with your employer or a third-party provider to allow only the provision of a service you purchased, for example. B training. Interns must use this form to transfer their training contract to another company. Overseas members may have their data forwarded to representatives of the international country for the management of local events in their country of residence. Member data is also shared with the ICE Benevolent Fund. ICE Training offers an increasing number of online training courses. Our online modules are a great way to help you achieve your professional skills and development goals. To discuss the tailored training options available to you with one of our in-house training account managers, fill out the application form below or call (0) 20 7665 2498.

We also use this information to inform you about the professional knowledge products that ICE and TTL offer, such as training, books, magazines, NEC contracts and, beyond that, career opportunities. We are here to help you achieve your membership goals. Look at the latest training opportunities that range from local special course membership operations. Watch our online videos hosted by membership experts. You are invited to give details about the company to which you wish to transfer the agreement, in addition to: training on fixed dates to ICE training organizations across the country. Suitable for those who wish to take training and share knowledge and hands-on experiences with their peers in an interactive learning environment. If you are an F student, you have the opportunity to train in the United States by taking hands-on training during your program or after graduation. Hands-on training can provide valuable work experience by improving and expanding the skills you learn in school. Two types of hands-on training are available for F-1 students: hands-on training (CPT) and optional hands-on training (OPT). Personal data related to ICE membership may be kept permanently for historical purposes. The personal data of non-members and/or TTL customers is kept only for the duration necessary to achieve the objective for which it was collected.

OPT Policy Guidance (PDF | 268 KB) Please note that this SEVP OPT Policy Guidance remains in effect. However, after 10 May 2016, when the 17 months of information on the extension of mints are opposed to the final 24-month rule in these guidelines, the final rule should be respected. For more information on the new STEM OPT rule, visit the STEM OPT Hub. The purpose of this privacy statement is to fulfill your right to information about the use of your data. In addition, this data protection statement was issued by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and its wholly owned subsidiary Thomas Telford Limited (TTL) on compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which will come into force on 25 May 2018. The Data Protection Statement replaces all notifications of the period to be published under the Data Protection Act 1998. We may retain one of the following personal information about you: Please note that if you decide to exercise your data retention rights or insist on deleting it, ALORS ICE and TTL may not be able to re