Ipa Ii Framework Agreement

The main points of the framework agreement are: framework agreement on Kosovo`s participation in EU programmes Kosovo plans to participate in certain EU programmes and sets the conditions for such participation, such as integration within the framework of economic and fiscal supervision, as well as the obligation to respect standards and make an appropriate financial contribution. EU programmes allowing Kosovo to participate at the time of the signing of the agreement This framework makes Kosovo eligible for certain EU projects as part of the activation of the second phase of the Pre-accession Aid Instrument (IAP II) and the strengthening of the process initiated by the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with Kosovo, which came into force on 1 April 2016. The operating structure ensures sound financial management and implementation of EU-funded projects under the SIM, while respecting the support principles set out in Appendix A, paragraph 4, and Article 10 IAP II IR. The operating system is responsible for the preparation, implementation, information and visibility in accordance with Articles 23 and 24 of the FWA, for monitoring and reporting programs and evaluating these programs, to the extent that this applies, in accordance with the principle of good financial management. It is responsible for ensuring the legality and regularity of expenditure related to the implementation of the programmes under its responsibility. . In accordance with paragraph 4 of Schedule A of the Framework Agreement, the operational structure or structures are established within the management of the beneficiary of IAP II. International cooperation: how to obtain EU grants from … The elements applicable to IAP II IAP are being replaced by “areas of action” and a sectoral approach to aid management. The new IPA II instrument is results-oriented. One of the characteristics of the new pre-accession aid instrument is the long-term impact of aid, the improvement of the situation in the recipient countries and support for the accession process. Subsidies for Immigration and Migration and Integration Management The operating structure is created as a collection of facilities consisting of LA CFCD and support agencies under the IAP II program.