Learning Agreement Umea

Courses studied by an exchange student during his exchanges must be taught at the University of Umea after they return within the diploma. Therefore, the exchange student must ensure that the courses he/she has decided to study during the exchanges have been approved by the international interlocutor at the Umea School of Architecture. This can be done through the conclusion of a learning agreement. A learning agreement is an assessment of the university of origin and is implemented to guide students who wish to take courses at other universities. The assessment is based on the degree that the exchange student is considering. There are a few places through the Erasmus university agreements announced by the International Bureau. English proficiency tests are not required by students under formal exchange agreements. Umea University SE – 901 87 Umea Tel: (0)90-786 50 00 E-mail: umea.universitet@umu.se For exchange students, there is a specific order of priority defined by the Vice-Chancellor. Students are admitted to courses in the following order: (1) double agreements concluded, (2) own department contracts, (3) faculty agreements, (4) university-wide agreements and (4) other department agreements. The agreement database needs to be updated so that our partner universities can designate their students with the right agreement. Outdated agreements must be removed and extended agreements updated. International interlocutors are responsible for updating departmental and faculty agreements and the International Office is responsible for updating central (academic) agreements. As a student at the Umea School of Architecture, you can apply as an exchange student through one of our agreements.

We have a number of agreements with partner universities around the world. In addition, there are central agreements and faculty agreements. All agreements at the University of Umea are available in the Exhcange Agreements database. Erasmus agreements are usually signed at the departmental level, which means that students apply for exchange studies through their department. It is the department that appoints selected students to the partner university. The exchange students of them study by the university Umea concluded with a partner of the university. This page presents the application and admission procedures for future exchange students. To apply for an exchange at the Umea School of Architecture (UMA), you must first be appointed by your home university, which is possible if there is an exchange contract between the UMA and your home university (see link on the right).