Mississippi Board Of Nursing Aprn Collaborative Agreement

This information can be mailed or sent to the board at the time of the licence application. APRN In-State, Mississippi New Graduates ONLY – APRN New graduates from a national APRN program should apply to their nursing school for the date and time of MSBN staff to take fingerprint records on site. 13. NEW GRADUATE PRATIC DOCUMENTATION: A new APRN graduate must provide official documents on the university letterhead for the amount of clinical hours earned in your program at the Nursing Board of Directors. Official letter on the installation letterhead with more than a year`s worth of experience as an RN before the end of your APRN program sent to the Board of Nursing. OR send an official letter on the letterhead with evidence of less than a year of experience as an RN before the end of the APRN program sent to the Board of Nursing. The remaining monitoring hours must be completed under the supervision of the collaborative physician or APRN precpting. Graduates who compete for hours must have the signatures of physicians or collaborative teachers that must be submitted to the health care board and must contain the completion date to keep a minutes of hours in your personal APRN files for a possible examination. Current board regulations define an “independent clinic” as a clinic or other facility (except hospitals and some other specialized facilities) where patients are treated by a nurse located more than 14 miles from the primary office of the collaborative/council physician.

Physicians who wish to work or advise with a nurse practitioner in an independent clinic must currently obtain special agreement from the board of directors, which requires, among other things, that the physician appear in person or by telephone in front of the board. (7) Applicants with potentially prohibitive events may be required to provide additional information, as requested by the board. MSBN staff will contact the applicant by phone or letter if necessary. 6. Records/documents – In order to expedite the licensing process, applicants who have been convicted, guilty or not rented for the charge must provide the House with the following relevant statements, including, but not limited, to: 9.