New Zealand China Free Trade Agreement

The importer may choose by the exporter or manufacturer the form of proof of origin it is seeking, provided it contains all the necessary data elements. A guide is available to merchants if they wish. In 2014, China and New Zealand announced that they would seek to enhance the free trade agreement. The upgrade is expected to be completed in 2016. [16] Modernization would ensure that almost all of New Zealand`s timber and paper trade to China will have preferential access over the next decade, he said. As soon as 70% of customs positions come into force will be duty-free for goods entering Taipei. Levies on the remaining lines will decrease over a 12-year period. Information on rules of origin for imports from Chinese Taipei and exports to Chinese Taipei is presented in fact sheet 48 (PDF 346 KB). China is New Zealand`s largest trading partner, with annual trade in both directions exceeding $32 billion ($21 billion). Information on the rules of origin and the use of this agreement can be found in The Thailand Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (PDF 262 KB). More information about Thailand CEP can also be found on the MFAT website. For more information on rules of origin and agreement, visit Fact Sheet 8 (PDF 701 KB). “This will ensure that our improved free trade agreement remains the best china has with each country,” said Jacinda Ardern.

Premier Jacinda Ardern and Minister of Trade and Export Growth David Parker announced the conclusion of negotiations to enhance the existing New Zealand-China free trade agreement. There are also plans to improve existing mechanisms for cooperation and dialogue, particularly in tariff barriers. NZ also has bilateral trade agreements with Malaysia, Australia and Thailand. Distributors should consider the agreement that is most beneficial to their imported/exported products. In early November 2019, New Zealand and China agreed to strengthen their free trade agreement. The new provisions included facilitating exports to China, improving China`s commitment to environmental standards, and New Zealand`s preferential access to timber and paper trade with China. In exchange, New Zealand will relax visa restrictions for Chinese travel guides and Chinese language teachers. [17] [18] The New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (NZCFTA) came into force on October 1, 2008. NZ was the first OECD country to sign a comprehensive free trade agreement with China. On Monday, New Zealand said it had reached an agreement to strengthen its free trade agreement with China, an agreement that has been under negotiation for years.

The Enhanced Economic Partnership Agreement between New Zealand and Hong Kong,China (NZ-HKC CEP) was signed on 29 March 2010 in Hong Kong and came into force on 1 January 2011. The agreement allows products exported from Hong Kong, China, to receive preferential tariff treatment upon importation into the NZ. Currently, all those who are imported into Hong Kong, China, are duty free, regardless of their origin.