Nus Student Confidentiality Agreement

During their studies, students may participate in activities (local or foreign) organized or supported by the university as part of their studies or as part of secondary activities or university courses. Students can also be accommodated in the university`s hostels or use the university`s sports, recreation and other facilities. All students are required to accept the conditions imposed by the university with respect to this participation and use. Assess the fitness for admission to be a student with us and advance your application. During their studies in the NEIs, international students may require medical assistance in the form of surgery or other medical procedures or treatments, but may not be able to consent or refuse their consent. In this case, surgeons or hospital counsellors in Singapore would require a local representative to be present at the hospital to authorize or deny permission to operate or other medical procedures or treatments on behalf of the patient. At all times, students are also responsible for understanding and complying with all other guidelines and procedures that are listed here, applicable to them and have been defined by the Senate and the University Administration. This directive applies to the use of university-owned, university-owned or university-managed computer resources, such as computer accounts.B. computer accounts, pcs, servers, desktops, hard drive stores, software, administrative and academic applications, e-mail, public records, newsgroups, online discussion forums, DFG, network, Internet and databases.

All users who have had access to computer resources, including university students, must comply with this directive. Click here for terms and conditions. In this context, it is important to note that all students share the responsibility to maintain academic standards and the reputation of the university. Academic honesty is a necessary condition for the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge, and the university expects every student to maintain academic honesty. 10.1 If you are dealing with confidential or personal data as part of your voluntary activity, you should take into account the association`s privacy policy and ICT policy (copies of this information are available at the, which explains how to keep the information safe and explain the student association`s procedures for processing information (for example. B the procedure to follow in the event of a data breach). Managing and managing your relationship as a student, including sending information about course/study/course materials, schedules, exam details, application questions, exchange programs, scholarships, awards, fees, rewards, benefits, diploma or certification, internships, secondments or internships in external organizations, programs or courses of other organizations. In accordance with the University of Authorisation and Signing Directive (PASA), the NUS Industry Liaison Office (ILO) oversees the university`s IP transfer and development, licensing or marketing agreements, including confidentiality agreements for the granting of university IP licenses.