Playstation User Agreement Ws-37368-7

Sony specifies that any ban or suspension is only granted for the most serious violations. The only case where the ban could be lifted is when the user has not made payments for his purchases. Once the debts are settled, the user will have access to their account again. For all other reasons, the ban is generally final. Users do not have access to the details of the report and have no hope of accessing their PSN account. PlayStation takes very seriously what its users say and do on its platform and always wants their chat rooms to be friendly. Sometimes PlayStation restricts access to a user either by closing them or by banning their account. If you`re an enthusiastic player, you may have experienced it. What are the various measures that require a ban/suspension? How can I get around these restrictions? How do you determine the duration of the ban if your account is limited? Is it temporary or permanent? Here are some of the questions frequently asked by PlayStation users. Let us try to find successive answers to these questions. If you buy a locked used console, PlayStation won`t unlock most of the time just because it has another user. That`s why it`s important to always buy your consoles and accessories from a reputable place like this.

Thank you! I remember topics like this that have never been updated. Whether your account has been blocked or not, you can`t argue that PlayStation doesn`t care what`s being said and done on their consoles. Because they take care of it, it makes the game on the system a better place for everyone. If you violate these conditions, we may temporarily or permanently suspend your account. For the most serious violations, we can suspend your PlayStation console from access to PlayStation Network. If it has been established that inappropriate or explicit content has been downloaded from your PlayStation account, you will receive a temporary or permanent ban depending on the degree of infringement. The PlayStation network states that each report is verified by the moderators before issuing a suspension or ban. For this reason, it usually almost never works to turn to customer service to reverse the decision. The after-sales service generally does not have access to the details of the report.

Edit – So I turned on my PS4 every day to see if I could reconnect. On Friday, January 6, I try and now get a new error code (WS-37338-4). This means that the console is now locked or temporarily blocked off the grid. I called every day to tell me that my case had been assigned and that it would not last long. A PS support advisor told me that the console ban was imposed because of the pricing backs, but he finds it strange, as they usually do so only after about a month and when the debt exceeds $100. WS-37368-7. Обычно для пользователя бан становится неожиданностью, ещё прошлый раз всё было нормально, и вдруг – блокировка. Это печальная ошибка, так как её нет возможности обойти или исправить. Хотя некоторые полезные нюансы в этом вопросе существуют.