University Of Missouri Corporate Integrity Agreement

Like the NIH, the proposals to the NSF require disclosure of any “international activity” defined by NSF as “research, training and/or education conducted in collaboration with international partners abroad or in the United States with virtual technologies.” This could include international travel to attend conferences or financing a foreign unit through a sub-price or advisory agreement. The integrity of the organization is at the heart of a great health system, and our integrity and compliance program, including our code of conduct, provides the infrastructure to achieve our goals and ensures that we are doing it right – and that we are doing the right things. Yes, yes. Before the award, OSPA may be able to help correct proposals if information has been omitted or if inaccurate information is provided. Once an award was awarded, the NSF, in particular, revised the conditions of award that require us to report current or in-kind undisclosed contributions within 30 days of the monitoring finding. Please contact OSPA at muresearchospa@missouri.edupour help fix applications. A federal investigation was launched in 2011 and led to an internal investigation by the university. The university found that two treating radiologists, Dr. Kenneth Rall and Dr. Michael Richards, violated Medicare and hospital rules by certifying certain interpretive reports prepared by established physicians.

Medicare pays claims for resident physicians to interpret radiological images, but only if a treating radiologist also checks the image and provides all necessary contributions to the interpretation report. Rall and Richards left the university in June 2012. The university cooperated during the long investigation. In addition to this provision of the False Claims Act, the university has also entered into an integrity agreement with HHS-OIG. Faculty members are invited to speak to their partner Dean for Research for an initial discussion of foreign affiliations related to their research efforts. Questions about individual grants and contracts can be directed to the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration ( Research administrators, housed locally in schools, universities and departments, can also help researchers with their necessary information. The case, United States ex rel.

Galuten v. University of Missouri-Columbia, et al., Case No. 11-cv-04140-FJG (W.D. Mo.), was processed by the U.S. Attorney`s Office for the Western District of Missouri, HHS-OIG and DCIS. The claims paid by this agreement are merely assertions and no declaration of liability has been made. If you are unsure whether an external activity is an external interest that meets the required disclosure threshold, please contact the conflict of interest office at the Information about external interests can be provided by connecting to the eCompliance system in The University of Missouri appreciates international cooperation and recognizes that such cooperation is essential to the fulfillment of our mission as a state-owned aid university in the country, but it is important that MU researchers be open and transparent about their foreign relations and activities.