Wow Account Usage Agreement

If you violate this agreement and we or any other company or person is harmed by your violation, you must compensate us (and our licensees, suppliers and employees) for any losses and expenses related to your violation, including our legal fees. You must also compensate us for claims related to third-party data that you have modified, created or sent. If you feel your account has been compromised, take the following steps: “network account” refers to an account you create and manage for the use of certain network services for which an account is required, as is permitted; Some accessories may use AA batteries. Nintendo recommends high-quality alkaline batteries for the best performance and battery life. If you use rechargeable metal nickel-hydride (NiMH) batteries, be sure to follow the manufacturer`s safety and appropriate use instructions. You can link your Wii Shop account to your Club Nintendo account to receive personalized content and participate in a variety of activities, actions and programs. If you want to link your accounts, you can do so if you save your Wii console in the Wii store. Once you`ve linked your Nintendo Club account to your Wii Shop account, all the personal data you enter into your Nintendo Club account will be associated with your Wii Shop account. Please note that we may send messages to your Wii email address or other email devices you have designated, such as your mobile phone, if you choose to receive messages from us in your Club Nintendo account. To completely disable the collection of information about you as part of the Wii network service, both anonymous and personal, you must disable your Wii network service. If you`ve linked your Nintendo Club account to your Wii Shop account, Nintendo channel or Wii message address (together “Features”), you must view the link between these features from your Club Nintendo account to stop the collection of information about you. You can do this in the Settings section of the Wii Store. This is an agreement between you and Nintendo of America Inc.

(with its affiliates, “Nintendo” or “us” or “us” or “our”), which describes your rights to use Nintendo Network Services. If you use network services, you must comply with this network service agreement and all other applicable rules, policies and advice that will be published on Nintendo`s website or on the Nintendo eShop (together the “agreement”). By using or accessing a Nintendo device or network services or accepting this Contract in the user interface of a Nintendo device, you accept the terms of this Agreement. Please read this agreement carefully. If you do not accept the terms of this agreement, you cannot use any of the network services. You can cancel your network account at any time. When you terminate your network account, you lose access to all the data, information or balances associated with that network account.